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Iliotibial Band Belt Stretch

The Iliotibial band often causes problems in runners and bicyclists but when it is dysfunctional it can affect anyone. Common conditions that need IT band stretching include runner's knee and Iliotibial band friction syndrome. Check out the video below for instructions on how to stretch the IT band using a belt.

Reachback in Quadruped Stance

The reachback stretch increases thoracic mobility, especially rotation. In addition, it stretches the muscles of the chest and helps to reverse the effects of poor posture such as slumped forward shoulders. It is similar to the open book stretch but it is easier to perform for some. Watch the video below for instructions on how to perform this stretch. 

Prayer Stretch

The prayer stretch is good for increasing shoulder range of motion. It is especially good at increasing shoulder elevation because of its ability to stretch the latissimus dorsi muscles, or the "lats" as they are commonly called. Latissimus dorsi tightness is a common cause of a lack of shoulder mobility and can lead to shoulder instability and injury. Watch the video below for instructions on performing this stretch.

Reverse Toe Touch (Hip Hinge Training)

The reverse toe touch exercise is for hip hinge training. Hip hinging is an important functional movement that, when done correctly, is an important component of lifting and bending over. Proper hip hinging will give you increased pelvic mobility and increased core stability. The ability to hip hinge will make you less prone to low back injuries. Watch the video below for instruction on how to perform the reverse toe touch.

Open Book Stretch for Thoracic Mobility

The open book stretch works very well for any kind of thoracic or upper torso lack of mobility. Losing mobility in this region can give you restrictions to rotation which can create problems for any athlete who needs to swing, such as in golf or baseball. People who lack this upper torso mobility can not separate their upper body from their lower body well which can lead to pain and injury. Watch the video below to learn how to perform this stretch.

Iliopsoas Stretch

The iliopsoas muscle runs from your spine in the region of your low back to a portion of your inner thigh in the groin region. It is one of the principal muscles involved in flexing the hip (bringing your knee up toward your chest). Dysfunction often results in a hip flexion contracture, low back pain and/or groin pain. Watch the video below for instructions on how to stretch your iliopsoas muscle.

Stretches and Warm-ups

How to roll out the IT Band

The IT Band runs from a muscle in the hip (the TFL muscle) along the outside of the thigh and attaches just distal to the knee. Dysfunction often presents itself in the form of IT Band Syndrome or Patellar Tracking Syndrome and can create knee pain, hip pain and sometimes low back pain. Runners often have problems with the IT Band due to a dysfunctional running pattern. Watch the video below for instructions on how to roll out your IT Band.

Exercise and Stretching

Functional Exercises

Clam Shell

The clam shell exercise is for strengthening the gluteus medius muscle, a very important muscle for stability. A lack of proper activation of this muscle can lead to many problems, especially low back pain, hip pain and knee pain. Watch the video below for instructions on how to perform the clam shell exercise.

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