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Quick Facts


-Chiropractic offers drug free primary healthcare for pregnant women


-Utilizes nutrition, supplementation, acupuncture and chiropractic manipulation


-Can improve fertility to increase chances of conception


-Treatment options for morning sickness, stress, fatigue, heartburn, back pain, and preparing the body for pregnancy, labor & delivery


-Webster Technique used to optimize fetal positioning and relieve low back and pelvic pain


-Chiropractic manipulation is safe and effective because of the specific techniques and tools used

"What your child learns in the womb cannot be learned on earth."

- Yogi Bhajan

Prenatal Wellness

Why do pregnant women need chiropractic?


Pregnancy is an important time to receive regular chiropractic treatment because chiropractic care offers drug free primary healthcare that focuses on improving and maintaining health prior to sickness. Chiropractic can help from improving fertility (increases chances of conception) to post-delivery wellness and everything in between.

For couples facing difficulties conceiving, we believe implementing some lifestyle changes (improving nutrion and removing toxins), using botanical medicines and supplements, acupuncture and spinal manipulation can equip you with a better chance of conceiving. At the same time, we can work on preparing your body physically for carrying a child and labor and delivery. This involves strengthening and training the pelvic floor and core, as well as balance training. 

During pregnancy we will utilize the same treatment options (nutrition, acupuncture, manipulation) to battle symptoms, such as morning sickness, stress, fatigue and most importantly back pain. As pregnant women's breast size increases, more stress is put on the mid back and spinal manipulation can alleviate the associated pain, shortness of breath and heartburn. As the fetus grows, a forward pull of the low back is created by the extra weight in the front, causing pain and discomfort. Chiropractors that are Webster Certified use a special, gentle method of treatment specially developed for pregnant women. Webster Technique is intended to optimize fetal positioning inside the mother's pelvis and relieve pregnancy related low back and pelvis pain. 

Research shows that chiropractic care can significantly reduce labor time in women who had regular care throughout their pregnancy. The study shows that first time mothers averaged a 24% shorter labor and mothers who already had a child showed a 39% reduction in the average labor time

Additionally, a study done in a hospital that incorporated chiropractic adjustments throughout the pregnancy, indicated a 50% decrease in the need for painkillers during delivery, which is attributed to the pre-delivery adjustments

It is important to understand how the baby is developing week by week and what can be done to encourage the healthy development as well as stimulate the systems and the senses, while the baby is still in the womb. This can be accomplished by the parents through quick, easy and fun activities. 

Is chiropractic treatment safe? 

Chiropractic manipulation is altered and specific for a pregnant woman's body. There is also a special table and equipment that is used to properly adjust an expecting mother. Generally the Webster Technique is used because it is meant for the biomechanics of a pregnant body. Chiropractic care has been shown to be safe for both mother and unborn children. Regular adjustments result in a less stressful pregnancy and less uncomfortable delivery.

More reading on chiropractic for moms and kids

Read Dr. Shah's article, Chiropractic Care for Pregnant Women, for more details on the benefits of chiropractic care before, during and after pregnancy as well as how chiropractic and the Webster Technique work. Read First chiropractic visit for pregnancy care to learn about the first visit. Also, you can read about the benefits of chiropractic for kids on our pediatric chiropractic page.



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