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Sitting with better posture

How to use a lumbar roll to correct your posture

One of the biggest things you can do for yourself to treat back and neck pain is sit with better posture. It is almost impossible to maintain this on your own after anything more than 20 minutes. That's why we usually recommend getting a lumbar support roll. These rolls do an amazing job at helping you to maintain good posture when used correctly. Watch the video below for instructions on how to use one of these supports.

Posture Correction

Postural Correction Stretches

Postural relief stretch

Get some relief from your back and neck pain with this postural correction stretch. You spend all day sitting at your desk, maybe you use good office ergonomics and maybe you don't but either way you're going to want to try this out after sitting at your computer for awhile. Try to take micro-breaks every 20 minutes and do this stretch for 10 seconds, you'll be amazed with how much better you feel.

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