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"The definition of corrective exercise is move well and then move more. Most people just want to move more."

​-Gray Cook

Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise

Rehabilitation and corrective exercise involves strengthening and conditioning specific muscles whether it's to correct posture, to support recovery of injured and healing areas or to prevent an injury from occurring. At White Oak Family Wellness we will first complete functional assessments to pinpoint the muscles that need to be worked. Based on your current function we will start you on a progression anywhere from isolated muscle contractions to the most functional exercises for your daily life or performance goals. We will utilize resistance bands, exercise balls, balance training pads as well as your own body weight to train you to be more functional. We will also create a home exercise plan for you so that your treatment can continue outside the office. The home exercises will be determined by your performance in the office and what we believe you will be able to complete properly at home. 


Rehabilitation is a key part of treatment after an injury because it facilitates the recovery of muscles, ligaments and tendons that provide functional stability to the joints. Injuries are disruptive to the proper mechanics of the body, they are weak links that are relatively more likely to become injured again. It is reconditioning and strengthening that restores these tissues to their pre-injury state.

Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercises are those exercises that are designed to correct poor posture, improper biomechanics and prevent injury. They are always specific to individual needs which are determined by functional testing and advanced at a rate conducive to each patient's progress. When performed as directed, these exercises result in better posture, more functional movement patterns and less pain. Visit our exercise and stretching page for video instructions on select corrective and functional exercises and stretches.

​Kinesio Taping

We also utilize the Kinesio Taping method of therapeutic taping. The tape has the ability to stimulate weakened muscles and relax overworked muscles, creating the support an injured or healing area needs without limiting the motion. It can also be used for lymphatic drainage, which will reduce swelling of an acute injury. You may have even seen it recently on the athletes at the Olympics!

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