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"If you are what you eat and you don't know what you are eating, do you know who you are?"

-Claude Fischer


Nutrition (food & supplements that you consume) can affect the body's inflammatory state. We know inflammation as the redness, swelling and pain that occurs after an injury. However, inflammation may not always present itself in these ways. Systemic inflammation (general inflammation throughout the whole body) can be associated with allergies, chronic pain, joint pain, and even aging. The foods we eat can be pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory and it's important to make the right dietary choices, especially when experiencing chronic pain

Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

At White Oak Family Wellness we utilize U.S. BioTek Laboratories testing to identify any food allergies and an overall weakness of the gastrointestinal system. You may also be experiencing food sensitivities, which may not present with the obvious symptoms but are still causing an inflammatory reaction in the body. The results of the test are used to remove the foods that create a strong adverse reaction and to repair the gastrointestinal system. Since the GI system is so closely linked to the immune system and nervous system it is important to maintain the gut's healthy bacteria and the integrity of the intestinal walls.

The GI system has its own nervous system within it known as the enteric nervous system and it contains about 80% of the body's immune cells. Because the GI system can strongly affect the rest of the body, removing food allergies, clearing out bad bacteria and replacing it with good bacteria are all ways to improve gut health.

All that being said, it is understandable that these changes cannot be made overnight. We will work with you to create a plan that works with your schedule, financial means and preferences to step you towards a healthier lifestyle. 

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