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Is acupuncture safe?
Yes! At White Oak Family Wellness, we follow "clean needle" protocols in order to ensure the safety of our patients. All needles are sterile at purchase and remain so all the way up to insertion. In order to keep the needles sterile, they remain inside a small tube until they are placed in the skin. In addition, the doctors hands will always be washed just prior to the treatment and every acupuncture point on the skin that is part of your treatment will be sterilized.

How many needles will be used?
Traditionally, treatments will involve about 8 needles with variation depending on the purpose for the treatment and individual patient needs.
 How long is each treatment?
With the exception of the first appointment, which will include an exam, visits typically run about 30 minutes.

Does acupuncture hurt?
Most people do not feel discomfort when treated with acupuncture. This is because the needles are very thin and flexible. What you may feel is a tingling or heaviness at the site of insertion which Traditional Chinese Medicine considers a sign that energy is arriving to the area. Finally, most often, a feeling of well-being or relaxation is commonly reported.

Can I stop taking my medications?
Short answer, no. The only person authorized to change your medication is your Medical Doctor. Acupuncture can assist in the treatment of medicated conditions but should not be considered a replacement for the medication that has been prescribed to you. That being said, often times it is reported that patients are able to stop taking some over the counter medications or that prescribing physicians have been able to lower dosage and in some cases stop medicating but that will be between you and your Medical Doctor.

Is there any evidence to support the therapeutic effect of acupuncture?
Yes, in fact the World Health Organization has reviewed the research and concluded that acupuncture has shown a therapeutic effect or has a proven therapeutic effect in over 90 diseases and disorders.

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