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Titleist Performance Institute

"Everything that's done at TPI and everything that's done at the philosophies that run concurrent with TPI are done to enhance golf performance."

-Gray Cook, founder of Functional Movement Systems and TPI Instructor

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is considered the leader in golf performance. There are over 5,000 TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructors in 53 countries around the world. Their philosophy recognizes that each player is physically different from other players and therefore they do not believe each player's swing should be exactly the same. Instead, they focus on the most efficient way to swing a club, based on each player's own physical limitations.

TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructors offer players the chance to attain the alternating pattern of stability and mobility needed to generate power while staying accurate and injury free. Each player will be thoroughly evaluated by a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, Dr. Gamble, using a functional screen designed by the experts at TPI. This screening highlights physical strengths and weaknesses in relation to golfswing efficiency that will be used as a guideline to create a fitness program of corrective exercises that are unique to the individual needs of each player. 

The fitness program that is created for you will help you become a functional, efficient player and when coupled with lessons from a golf professional can mean huge improvements in your game. Maybe you're tired of your back hurting after a couple holes, maybe you want to get back to where you were before an injury or maybe you just want to move better. Whatever your goal may be, Dr. Gamble will help you get there.

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